Social Media Tools for Journalists

Nowadays, there are a million things that journalists need to know. The newsrooms have shrunk, the responsibilities have piled up, and it seems like every day, there is a new social network that you need to join to remain relevant. Social media management can be a breeze if you just have the right tools, which is what I have here for you.

  • Bitly is an online link shortener that is a great tool to keep track of how popular your blog posts are. This application stores data on how many times a link you created was clicked, where it was clicked, what platform someone clicked on it from, and when it was clicked. This can help you ascertain when is the best time to share your content across platforms. Another great feature of Bitly is that it saves all of your links, so I never lose track of my work. It is important to remember to re-share your content especially if it is content that is “evergreen,” which means it never really goes out of style. Re-sharing content on social media is very “in” right now, according to industry leading professionals like Guy Kawasaki, a brand evangelist for Canva. facebook-share-default1
  • Buffer is a wonderful website that lets you schedule content across platforms. From Facebook to Twitter, Buffer does it all. Its simple design is extremely user-friendly, so it is really easy to get acquainted with. Unfortunately, you can only schedule 10 posts at a time without a subscription. I like to keep my Buffer full of past evergreen articles scheduled for future dates, so I know my past content will keep getting shared and read. buffer-app-screenshot
  • Klout can help you gain an influence on social media sites. You receive a “Klout score” upon signing up that shows how relevant you are based on your social media interactions. A score of 55 is considered to be an industry influencer. Klout allows you to explore different topics, which people aren’t yet talking about in your social circles. It then allows you to schedule posts you find at times that it knows your followers are most active. You can schedule as much content as you want on Klout, so you can watch your Klout score and influence on social media rise quickly. Klout can help you remain relevant through curating content across platforms. c4b5bbd6-b93b-4037-9b97-35fe0099f3e6
  • IFTTT, which stands for If This Then That, can automate processes to cut down on time that you have to spend on social media accounts. You can convert Tweets to Facebook page posts. You can save Tweets to your Google Drive. You can even have the weather texted to you in the morning. This app automates just about everything, and it can make your life so much easier, especially if you forget to share your content across platforms.IFTTT-Image-01-1024x716.png