The secrets to clickbait headlines-this will blow your mind!

There are many different types of headlines for the many different types of writing styles, but clickbait headlines have infiltrated nearly every newsroom or public relations firm. Clickbait headlines are everywhere.

From “10 Hacks to Gain 2 Million Followers Over Night” to “You Would Never Believe This Crazy Thing Kylie Jenner Just Wore,” clickbait headlines just sound ridiculous. They play off people’s innate curiosity by withholding information after sparking interest in a few exaggerated words.

It’s no secret that clickbait headlines are tacky, but do they actually work?

Not really.

Your content has to be jaw-droppingly incredible for readers to not get agitated when they are drawn into your content from the headline. So if your headline is something like “10 Hacks to Gain 2 Million Followers Over Night” and you really mean something more along the lines of “10 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Strategy,” you might want to go with the latter.

If you content is something short of incredible, you run the risk of angering your reader. While clickbait headlines garner attention, they don’t ensure that people read or share your content.

Buffer provides some great insights into how you can improve your headline writing without succumbing to writing clickbait in this blog post.


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