Illustrator Project

Stories about mountain climbing are some of the most compelling stories ever written. They mimic the human experience in a tangible, intense struggle that ultimately brings some sort of liberation, but it often comes at a cost.  From Denali to the notorious Mt. Everest, alpinists risk their lives for the sense of truly being on top of the world.

Climbers who have experienced tragedy on top of a mountain often try to turn away from their passion and live a normal life, so they don’t harm themselves and in turn harm the ones that they love. This rarely works out. Passion is not something that can be ignored, but some view mountain climbing as an addiction.

This would be a good photo to run alongside a story about mountain climbing in a magazine like Outdoors. This quote helps explain the motives of the people who many people view as rash and irresponsible because of their risky hobby.

Reading about people climbing the Seven Summits is an exhilarating experience due to the danger and the beauty of nature.

I choose the design of this photo because it is clean. I choose the photo that I did because it has dull colors and the typography still commands the attention of the viewer. I wrote the text on the right side because I thought that an article running alongside it on the left would keep the viewer’s focus within the page.

The author of the quote is Jon Krakauer. He is a famous journalist and mountaineer. His name is really recognizable outside of the climbing ability. (He wrote Into the Wild). I figured this would add to my design because of his recognizable name.

Here is a link to my design.